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It’s career day! And Alfred finally meets Matthew’s bully Amelia. Who happens to be the daughter of Ivan.Who use to pick on Alfred in high school because of his very own crush. Oh how history repeats it’s self….

Amelia is not Ivan’s biological daughter she’s his foster child. Amelia comes from a abusive home. (Which is were she learned fighting and bullying = love and affection.) Ivan often was the responder to her home when fights between her parents got out of hand. Ivan never knew that the couple had any children in till Amelia was brought in by child services to have her register into foster care.

While waiting for the paperwork. Amelia explore the station and found Ivan who she took an instant liking to because she was fascinated at how tall he was and Ivan was fascinated that she was not afraid of him. (being only one after Alfred to share that trait) Also feeling guilty that he never knew that she live in such a broken home. He adopts her as soon as the courts allow.

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